Tile Roofing

At Bob Hilson & Company, Inc., tile roofing is such a common job for us, we do this type of installation effortlessly. Tiles have an average lifespan between forty to fifty years, and they are considered to be the most resistant.

Besides tile roof repair and replacement, Bob Hilson & Company, Inc. can also offer a tile restoration for your roof. This means we’ll fix any damaged tiles and replace them with new ones without having to do a complete roof replacement.


Why Tile Roofing?

Tiles itself, have a good track record among all tile roofs throughout the nation. They are available in many colors and sizes. The versatility it provides can have your property looking great with the design it brings.

What is great about tiles is that they come in different shapes like flat and round. In addition, their color doesn’t fade out over the years quickly compared to other roofing materials. This is a great reason why you should choose tile roofing for your property.

Tiles are popular all around the globe due to its incredible longevity and economical price.

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