Solar Roofing

What if you could generate electricity for your home through renewable energy? A solar roofing system might just be what you need. You could save a ton on your electricity bill and gain a solar tax credit. Whenever you install a solar roofing system for your home, thirty percent of the total project costs are eligible for a claim on your tax return. The government rewards you for making an investment in solar energy. Talk about a win-win situation for everyone.


Advantages of Solar Roofing

  • Reduce your energy bill cost.
  • Low cost of maintenance.
  • Long life span.
  • It’s friendly towards the environment., it produces no pollution.
  • Solar tax incentive.
  • You get a huge return on investment over the years.
  • It causes no damage to your roof.

Solar Panels Integrates With Roofing Materials

Contrary to the common assumption about solar panels, mounting them isn’t the only option. Sometimes because of space or aesthetics, the property owner will opt-in to integrate the solar panels within their roof. Whichever roofing material you may have, metal or shingle, you can get a custom panel that will seamlessly go in your roof.

Energy Savings

Besides the solar panels, we can also provide a cool roof. We design this roofing for UV reflectivity and to reduce the amount of heat a roof absorbs. Our methods include selecting a reflective paint, adding a sheet covering, and selecting roofing materials that are reflective. On average, a roof without reflective properties in the summer can reach 150-degree Fahrenheit. However, with a cool roof, you can be 50 degrees cooler and you’ll use less air conditioning. This is ideal to implement in a city like Miami.

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