Metal Roofing

Looking for a metal roofing contractor in Miami? You’ve come to the right place. Bob Hilson & Company, Inc., are specialized in metal roofs; metal roofs are installed and repaired. Normally fabricated from steel, aluminum or copper, metallic roofs offer a number of the best protection for your property. They resist excessive winds, shed snow and rain very successfully, and are resistant against fire. They’re lightweight, long-lasting, and even lessen the heating and cooling costs with their mild reflection competencies.

metal roof

Metal Roofing Replacement

if your present roof has worn out and is in dire need of a replacement, consider a Miami roofing company that can deploy metal roofs. There are numerous reasons to pick out metal roofs over other roofing materials, including:

  • They are lightweight, weighing approximately 4 times much less than a tile roof and about half as an asphalt roof.
  • They are not as high-priced than tile or slate roofs.
  • With a massive range of colour and texture to pick from, you can make metal roofs appear like wooden shakes or tiles, without the additional weight on the roof and from your pocket.

Bob Hilson & Company, Inc. offers only high-quality for all metal roofing services. Even, as we may not be the most inexpensive, our products, are greater climate resistant, stronger, less prone to hurricane harm, and retain their texture and color better. When you combine that with our signature tendencies, you get the nice craftsmanship and service that is not that common these days:

  • Communication – We simply describe what you want, why you want it, and what you could expect from us as your preferred roofing contractors.
  • Dependability – Our promise is to meet your high expectations.
  • Integrity – Our pricing is fair and reflects the installation standards we’d require for our very own property. We’re not the lowest-dollar and most inexpensive, however, are proud to offer your roof the iconic safety that it wishes.
  • Professionalism – Bob Hilson guarantees that every precaution is in location to your gain, along with proper coverage and building code compliance.

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