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We are professional roofers

Our roofing history goes back to the early 1950s and we continue into this new era with the same enthusiasm and commitment to excellence in every job we do.  By building this company on the strength of our over 75 skilled roofing professionals, we have been assisting customers with their roofing concerns for more than 40 years.  Our proactive approach and use of the highest quality materials will ensure that your investment is built to last.

A Legacy of Roofing Excellence in Miami, FL

Bob Hilson & Company, Inc. is one of the most complete roofing companies in Miami and throughout South Florida. We were established in January 1979 by Bob Hilson, a Miami native, who grew up in the roofing and construction business with his father’s company, Hilson Roofing. Hilson Roofing was established in Miami in the very early 1950s. Since then, Bob and the company’s employees have carried on the tradition of providing quality and service to their customers.

Combining an old school dedication and an exceptional level of quality for our materials. Our simple philosophy we stand by since we started in the 1950s is to treat every customer we work with as if they are our best customer. For this reason, we give our customers peace of mind knowing that their roof will be up to their standards.

Full Staff of Roofing Professionals

Besides our dedicated commitment to our customers and with over decades of local history and a sturdy record of success, our team of skilled, and experienced professionals commit themselves to a fine level of craftsmanship and top notch customer service.

We currently employ a staff of approximately 65 to 75 people, four of whom are state-certified roofing contractors, one state building contractor and one state general contractor. Above all, we are proud of our employees and their longtime dedication to the company and the industry, and maintain a strong belief that our employees are our most important asset. For this reason, the company also maintains continuous training programs for the employees to stay abreast of the latest methods, not to mention the latest technology for our line of work. As a result, our work is continuously improving and growing for each customer we serve.

We do our best to offer our clients top of the line products, performance, and service. In addition, we achieve this through experience, knowledge, integrity, and fairness. Our goal is to make sure you are a satisfied customer. We’re here to solve all of our customer’s roofing problems and to help safeguard against future ones.

Bob Hilson & Company, Inc. uses only the highest quality products supplied by the best name-brand manufacturers. Hence, the work that we deliver to our customer is always of high quality. The scope of our work includes all residential, commercial, condominium, townhouse and high-rise buildings. Altogether, we offer a full line of warranted and guaranteed products to suit your individual needs. We are committed to our customers with quality work and outstanding service on every single job.

What our clients are saying...

When it was time to get a new roof on our house, we asked around for recommendations, Bob Hilson and Company Roofing was mentioned many times. We chose Bob Hilson and Company Roofing because they were the most reasonable and professional than the other estimates we received. Licensed and insured was also a factor in our decision. They were very helpful explaining the process of what needed to be done and they did a great job. We are very pleased.

cheryl diehl

Cheryl Diehl

Bob Hilson is a quality roofing company. From our first time meeting, the project was professional.  The crew worked well together, each knowing who is responsible for what.  Any questions, called the office and talked with Stephanie. Strongly recommend for any roofing job, they are the best.

kyle dlsen

Kyle Olsen

Bob Hilson is our go to commercial roofing company in Miami! High-quality work and customer service!

earl simon

Earl Simon

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