Solar Tubes vs. Skylights: Which One Is Right For You?

Is it time to evaluate and enhance your indoor lighting situation? There are distinct differences between skylights and solar tubes, including aspects that make one option more prudent than the other. Find the best fit for your home or business and learn more about roof-friendly daylighting options to brighten and illuminate your space.


Both solar tube light fixtures and skylight windows have the same function: to lighten and brighten a space. Solar tubes are installed on the roof while skylights are cut and installed by roofing professionals. The solar tubes reap the benefits of the sun to illuminate bulbs varying in wattage and strength, and skylights also utilize natural light and provide a means to get it inside the home.


Both approaches rely on Mother Nature to maintain peak performance- sunlight. Tubes may provide more consistent illumination during evening hours and foul weather, although a skylight offers a glimpse of the outdoors in any climate or conditions. Based on light and consistent performance, tube lighting is a viable solution for most consumers.


While both solar tubes and skylights are easy to use, the installation merits a professional. There are some DIY tube light kits offered at home improvement venues, though for optimal long-term satisfaction, only utilize Miami skylight installation offered by roofing contractors and experts.


Skylights are typically a bit more than tube lighting; consider, however, the long-term value of investing in skylights in terms of your property. Does this improvement increase the valuation and appeal of your home? Tube lighting is also a prudent investment, though the costs are not as easily attributed to property value by real estate buyers.


Finally, consider the compatibility of each option in terms of your distinct home or property. Talk to a Miami roofing contractor who can assess your property to determine the best fit for your current roof and structure.

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