Solar Shingles – A New Way to Use Solar Energy That Actually Beautifies Your Home

Most of us have never heard of solar shingles, however for anyone who owns a home, these can be a huge asset both for long term energy savings, and also for helping to benefit our beautiful Earth.

solar shingles

In today’s world we are becoming more aware of the serious nature of the crisis in our environment, and the need for all of us to take positive action in whatever ways we can.

Many efforts are being made now, both by large corporations and also by individuals to lessen the amount of harmful waste materials released into the environment. Since many of these wastes come from the processing of fossil fuels, a bright alternative is found in the field of solar energy. One interesting development solar energy is that of solar shingles.

The sun is now being recognized as an ideal source of energy to support many of our residential and well as business needs. Photovoltaic shingles are one of the many new technologies that are designed to make use of solar energy for our homes and businesses.

Solar shingles look like the typical roof shingles but are actually small solar panels. Their photovoltaic properties allow them to collect the heat and light from the sun and to convert them into electrical power for use with devices and equipment that are run by electricity.

Physically, solar roof shingles are around 30 centimeters (11.6 inches) wide and 218 centimeters (7 feet) long. About 13 centimeters of their actual width are exposed for the purpose of directly absorbing the light from the sun. They are typically stapled to the roof of the house and are most of the time smaller than the regular shingles to promote the most effective placement.

The whole process of collecting solar energy to be converted into electricity started out with the use of solar panels. The earlier technology did not have a great appeal to most homeowners because of the appearance of solar panels which are bulky and conspicuous, and which some people find unsightly.

This challenged solar energy developers to create a more attractive approach to the energy collection process. In 2005, solar shingles were made available and are considered to be a major development in the goal of maximizing the potentials of the sun as an energy source.

Typical variations of solar powered shingles are actually created out of polymatrix material and can easily blend in with the existing shingle roofs. A very popular variation has crystalline solar cells with asphalt shingles. These have an output of around 50 watts.

While solar shingles may be more costly than the regular solar panels, a lot of homeowners value the aesthetic aspect of their properties and find it worthwhile to install solar shingles instead of solar panels.

For those who are still in the process of getting their home constructed, it is advised to have the contractors and homebuilders incorporate solar roof shingles into the home’s design right at the start, in order to avoid further adjustments later on.

solar shingles

Solar roofing shingles work best when they are angled precisely in order to maximize the collection of energy form the sun. They can even be blended with traditional shingles to create interesting designs on the roof!

Solar shingles are a tremendously useful solution for creating an energy saving home that runs on the clean, renewable energy of the sun, without the bulky appearance of regular solar panels. Your home will look beautiful and you will enjoy not only lower utility bills (or even rebates from your utility company!) as well as benefit of knowing that you are making a positive difference for our environment.

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