Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is the way to go if you want a roofing system that can practically last a lifetime. It has a lot of durability and a beauty that is unmatched when it comes to the appeal of your property. You might consider investing in this type of roofing system but it comes with a large cost commitment.


Slate Roofing Services

Whether you need a brand-new slate roof installation or replacement, Bob Hilson & Company, Inc. is there to offer top-quality service. As one of the largest roofing contractors in Miami, we provide customers with personalized attention and precise workmanship for any type of roofing material.

Slate Roof Repair

We offer full slate roofing repair for property owners in Miami, and we will inspect all slates on your roof and only replace the ones that can’t be reused.

Our process of repairing the slate roof is comprehensive and begins with a thorough problem assessment. We check and identify the condition of the slates and if it is possible to repair the slate roof or it is better for a roof replacement.

Slate Roof Replacement

Slate roofing is beautiful, durable, and expensive. Bob Hilson & Company, Inc. will take care of blending the colors and different sizes to create a unique look for your property.  When your custom slate roof is completed, you won’t be regretting the investment you made.

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