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Here Is A Breakdown Of What A Roof System Consist Of

The components of a Roof System

  1. Roof Covering: This is the roofing material that is usually noticed by everyone. The material can vary and can be metal, tile, shingle, or even slate. 
  2. Roof Sheathing: This is what stabilizes the roof. This supports the covering and the whole roof combined.
  3. The Structure: Supporting the sheathing with rafters and trusses together.
  4. Roof Flashing: Flashing essentially keeps the water from coming inside your property. 
  5. Roof Drainage: A proper roof drainage will protect against those crazy rainy days.

How to choose a roof system that meets your needs

Before committing to a roof system that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you should consider the cost (of course), and the durability of the roofing system. In other words, whichever roof system you decide to use, it will consist of the five components above.

Proper Ventilation And Roof Insulation Are The Keys To A Great Roofing System

A roof system’s durability is highly dependent on getting the ventilation it needs. Without the proper ventilation, there will be a ton of accumulation of moisture and heat. In addition, your roof sheathing will start to rot, and even shingles will begin to buckle. Above all, the final consequences of not having roof ventilation are losing the effectiveness of insulation. That’s why you should never block off any roof ventilation

For example, With the right roof ventilation, you can increase the longevity of your roof, and reduce energy costs.

Roofing Materials

Asphalt shingles – Easy To Install, Very Flexible, Not That Expensive.

Wood shingles – More Expensive, Flexible, Easy To Install.

Tile – Durable, Heavy, Tons of Colors And Finishes.

Slate – High Quality, Expensive, Longest Lasting Roofing Material, Difficult To Install

Metal – Very Durable, Pricing Varies Based On The Type Of Metal, Energy Efficient, And Light.

Miami Roofing Contractors Are Here To Help You

If you would like to discuss a roofing system or materials for your roof, shoot us an e-mail. We’ll be glad to help you choose you the right option.

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