How A Professional Roof Inspection Can Save You Thousands

How long has it been since you had a roof inspection? These inspections help to detect and prevent roofing issues from becoming major hassles and costly repairs. Talk to a Miami re-roofing professional to learn more.

Schedule an Inspection
Make plans to have an HOA roofing inspection, at least once a year. It is a great way to predict issues before they arise and protect your home investment during inclement weather conditions.
Three things a Miami roofing company looks for during an inspection are:

  • Holes and cracks. Once your roof turns 10 years old, you may notice minor deterioration. If you fail to repair and maintain your roof, these cracks and holes could manifest into major roofing damage.
  • The inspector will also examine your chimney, pipes, and flashing to detect damage or degradation that could leave your family unprotected.
  • Dripping water from your roof can create large holes and major leaking. Over time, this will compromise the structural integrity of your investment.

Know that the weather has a lot to do with how well your roof fares. If you live in an extreme or harsh climate, have your roof inspected and evaluated more frequently to be safe.

Prevent Costly Damage
A shoddy roof presents a risk of property damage to you, as well as anyone who lives in the immediate area. An unanticipated storm, high winds, or an accident could cause roofing materials to blow-off and damage vehicles and homes, which could make you liable for the negligence. The result? You may be responsible for out-of-pocket costs to make repairs.

Save on Insurance Costs
Regular roofing inspections may save money on homeowner insurance rates; ask your specific carrier for more details.

Don’t underestimate the peace of mind that comes from regular roofing inspections. Consider your roof as the first line of defense against weather conditions; with that in mind, doesn’t it deserve attention, maintenance, and preservation?

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