How a Beautiful Roof Affects Curb Appeal

Quality Miami Residential Roofing Improves Curb Appeal Dramatically

In this post, we discuss how the right roof enhances your home’s curb appeal.

Your roof as a design element

Choosing a roof shape and pitch that compliments your home’s architectural style will improve its curb appeal and enhance its value. Regardless of whether you choose tile, slate, wood, asphalt, metal or any other roofing material, a good design will define your home’s personality. For instance, you can design an elaborate roof with cross-gables to project a regal appeal or use simple rooflines to exude modest dignity.

The roof’s color

The suitable roof color should complement your overall home’s color, the trim, and its foundation. Unlike in the past where homeowners were confined to grey and black, modern residential roofing Miami service providers have a variety of colors each with different shades. Apart from fitting in with the home’s exterior look, the right roof color will accentuate its architectural style and pull the house’s overall look together.

The two lives of roofing materials

Not only does a homeowner have to look into the roof’s aesthetics, but also its functionality. While a new roof looks quite appealing for the first few years, it can also end up looking worn out and stained over time. However, this can be avoided by choosing metal roofing which stands the test of time.

How does curb appeal affect the home’s value?

In an industry where the supply often outweighs the demand, first impressions are key in influencing the home buying decision. According to Forbes, most potential home buyers will have formed an opinion about your home within 7-10 seconds of arriving. This implies that a potential buyer might look at your curb and drive away without a look at its interior. As such, if your home has a stunning curb appeal compared to other listed properties within the neighborhood, you could significantly increase the asking price.

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