Eye-Catching Roof Types From Around the World

In today’s global village we are lucky to have access to cultures from across the world that in times past we did not. This also holds true for a vast array of architectural designs including many different roof types. So why do we care if we have access to many more roof styles and roofing material types than in the past.

Because you may not know that your standard gable roof while having many appealing and elegant designs is also one of the worst roofs to have if you live in a hurricane or typhoon zone, or that a hip roof is a very stable roof type, or that rubber roofing has many advantages such as being eco-friendly and weather resistant!

swedish roof

What often gets overlooked is the sheer variety of attention grabbing architectural roof styles that are available today. Many people limit themselves to what they know, not realizing that there may be more exciting options available that can, among other things, give a house a much more attractive look, make it more energy efficient and overall can raise its value significantly!

slate roof style

In today’s uncertain housing market that is a very relevant consideration. Different roof types will each come with their own set of factors to consider. The two main elements to keep in mind when considering a roof, whether building one on a new house or buying an existing one, are the different roof types and the roofing materials used to build the roof.

cubed roof

So whether you are looking at the flat roof used in many Mediterranean nations, or the ubiquitous gable roof popular in its many versions around the world, or the standing seam metal roof beloved for its energy efficient and extremely sturdy design, or the hip roof with its stately appeal and stable design you will find that having a solid grasp of the different roof types available today will open your eyes to many new possibilities when considering buying a new house or building one.

Remember, when ultimately making your selection from different roof types, you want a balance between something aesthetically pleasing and something appropriate for the climate you are in. This combination will surely result in increased value for your house.

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