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A Comprehensive Roof Maintenace Guide

Time and time again we only think about the maintenance of anything until the issue surfaces. It’s quite common to think a roof doesn’t need any maintenance at all. Do you actually need a roof maintenance guide? In fact, most people believe roofs can last forever! On the contrary, a roof can last on average about 30 years before it needs to have a roof replacement. Even slate, which has the most durability, can only last 50 years.

Living in Florida, we know we are susceptible to all types of weather, including hurricanes. These types of weather conditions can really reduce the lifespan of the roof on your property. Besides knowing the general lifespan of a roof, and the environmental elements that can damage your roof, you should also know how to take care of it. This is why today we decided to publish a roof maintenance guide that residential property owners can follow so everyone can have a sturdy, healthy roof.


Safety First

We want you to avoid injuries if you decide to perform any roof maintenance yourself. When in doubt, contact a roofing professional like Bob Hilson that can take care of your roof maintenance for you on a monthly basis. Before doing any preventative maintenance, be advised, take extreme caution when you are walking on the roof of your property and always wear personal safety equipment.

Choose The Right Ladder

We know you want to start right away but before you start, choose the right ladder. You need to pick a ladder that has sufficient height and can withstand your weight. Always looks at the duty rating since it will be correlated to the maximum weight capacity. You don’t want to pick a ladder that can’t hold your weight.

Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

If you think your roof can use a good cleaning you’ll need a few supplies. Get a garden hose, a brush, a bucket of water, and roof shampoo. Avoid using a pressure washer and bleach on your roof. You don’t want to ruin the roofing material by using the wrong methods. When in doubt, contact a roofing professional to handle your roof cleaning.

Roof Maintenance Checklist

Our roof maintenance guide is meant for property owners that can do light maintenance on their roof so don’t think you’re going to be doing any heavy lifting or extremely hard work.

Water Drainage: The water needs to be draining properly from your roof gutters.

You don’t want to start cleaning your roof when you don’t even know that you have the proper drainage.

This is one way to prevent roof leaks and people don’t even know this. You’ll need to clean your gutters, remove any debris that is blocking the pathway in your gutters. Even something as small as a group of leaves can cause a problem in your gutters. Removing all these small things prevents any potential of moss and algae.

Debris Removal: Any type of debris that is on roof tops or in your gutters can usually be removed by a brush or by using your garden hose to wash it off. Spray down your roof with your garden hose to clean any dirt that your roof may have.

Trim the trees nears your roof: This is better done by a landscaping professional. You’ll need to trim any trees near your home if you have a tree like the one above. You want to prevent any branches from falling on your roof or even an excess buildup of leaves.

Annual Roof Inspection

While cleaning your roof is a great way to add to the maintenance your roof needs, you’ll still need a routine inspection. If you want to try to do a roof inspection yourself, you’ll need to look out for a couple of things. Look for any damaged tiles, moisture, debris, or roof leaks. You can almost compare a roof inspection the same way someone goes to the doctor for a check-up. You might think you are in good shape, but you never know if everything is okay. This is why it’s recommended to do a roof inspection on your home after a storm or a hurricane.

Choose The Right Roofing Company To Do Your Roof Maintenance & Roof Inspections

Maintenance of any roof is commonly ignored. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you need someone to take care of your routine roof inspections or regular roof maintenance, give us a call today at 305.246.0209

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